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Gary Swindell

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I'll deal my bread to the hungry
let the oppressed go free.
I'll loose the bands of wickedness
proclaim God's liberty.
This fast that I have chosen
helps me to stand each day.
To thee oh Lord I lift my life.
( All rights reserved G.S.SongWorks 2005)

The Ministry of Music

When I first got saved I did'nt use my musical gift at church for almost a year. I listened! I studied! I prayed! This (I believe) was a good thing for me. I have seen talented people  rush into performing  in church without first receiving a foundation in the Word and spiritual growth. Their gift works well but their life is a mess, not realizing that we have to recieve before we have anything substantive to give. Once I really understood that every gift that I was given by God was to be dedicated back to HIM then I could use it for HIM, then I hit the ground running!!!!

    Serving as Chief Psalmist / Minister of Music for Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance Center is one of the most rewarding undertakings of my life. It falls in line right after marriage to my awesome wife Priscilla & raising my 2 wonderful children, Nia, & Gary Jr.

   I had been writing & performing music for the majority of my life, with my brothers, in High School, in College, long before I ever seriously considered accepting Christ or considered being a part of a Sanctified Church. But once the proper introductions were made, everything changed.

By proper introductions I mean that my eldest brother, my Mom, & my 3rd eldest brother had already become a part of Miracle of Deliverance and introduced me to the Ministry, which introduced me to the Leader of that Ministry – Prophetess Idell Cheever. Her teaching, especially in the Bible School setting, introduced me to a level of wisdom, depth, commitment, & close relationship with the Lord that I never thought humanly possible, & the Church services were so energetic, & unpredictable. During the services Dr. Cheever would teach on a subject and the Minister of Music would often spontaneously create a song that supported the message. That got my attention. After some time of just attending services,  listening , studying, praying, & applying what I was learning to my daily life, I began to assist the Minister of Music as much as I could. Which was not a lot, in that, this type of music was very new to me. I always equated Gospel to either hymns,  spirituals, quartet style, or the semi-pop style that you would hear on the radio. The music that I was hearing at church was none of  the above. The praise music was extremely loud & fast with repetitive choruses  instead of verses & choruses & usually sung in key signatures that I was not used to playing. The chord patterns , even of the choir songs, were different types of patterns than I was familiar with with my jazz, blues,  broadway, folk, & classical points of reference. I had no comfort zone whatsoever!! So when the Minister of Music quit one day, I was in a panic!

     Then after months of  prayer, practice & trail & error, I began to feel more confident about what I was doing; but not until I stopped trying to imitate the previous Minister of Music and allowed myself artistically to be myself.

        My father told me when i was very young (concerning work ethic) that "ability will get your foot in the door, but reliability will earn you a key to that door &  many other doors". So I started being the first person to arrive at Church and the last to leave, serving musically and in any way that I could, & still try to continue in that vein to this day. 


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"Great music is our business!"

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